Monday, December 21, 2015

LVX Winter Resort 2016 Collection Swatches

Hey everyone! 
Today I have swatches of a gorgeous new collection from LVX Nail Polish.
This is their Winter Resort 2016 Collection.

This collection contains 6 beautiful polishes so let's just get into it.

This first polish is called Jade and it's one of my favorites of this collection.

This is a beautiful sea green/turquoise creme polish. It's a bit more green like it appears on my nail in the photo below. The formula on this one was great. It was probably the thickest of the collection but even then, I painted two easy coats for this swatch (+top coat).

Next up is a beautiful dusty purple, mauve shade named Saint.

I don't usually go for purple shades but I definitely love this one. It's a beautiful creme and a great color for Winter. Shown here is 3 thin coats + top coat. I probably could have gotten away with just 2 coats but I wanted to be sure there wasn't any streaks.

Next is a deep berry shade named Bordeaux. Another polish that's just perfect for Winter.

I love how smooth this one looks on the nail. Shown below is 3 thin coats + top coat. The formula for this one was on the thinner side but I don't mind painting 3 coats.

Next is my other favorite of the collection, Cirque.

This is kind of a dusty nude pink. Super gorgeous in person. A great color for those who don't like to have too eccentric nails.

Shown above is 3 thin coats + top coat. Again, I probably could have done 2 but I just did 3 to be safe.

Next is Malbec. This is a frosty purple shade. By frosty I mean it has silver shimmer in it, hopefully you can tell in the photos.

This one actually looks a bit red in certain lights. It's a cool color. Shown here is 3 thin coats + top coat. I feel like usually frosty colors like tend to have thicker formulas, but this one was thin and easy to apply!

We've made it to the last polish! 

This pale pink/milky creme is named Lait. Love this color for Winter.

At first I really thought this was just a white, not pink leaning at all but when I do place this color against a true white, you can definitely see it's off white. 

I don't know if maybe my bottle is a bit thinner than others but at 3 coats, this polish was still a bit streaky. This was strange to me because other bloggers who swatched this one painted just two coats.  So shown here is 3 (and maybe a half of a fourth coat) + top coat. 
The formula was super easy to work with though.

Overall, if you couldn't tell, I loved this collection. The colors are definitely PERFECT for Winter. I will definitely be wearing them in the months to come! (I'm wearing Lait right now.)

In case you aren't too familiar with LVX polishes, they are 7 toxin free, cruelty free and vegan. (Love this about them!)

This collection is available for purchase over at LVX's website, for $16 each.

See you next time!


*These polishes were provided to me by LVX. However, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Monday, October 26, 2015

CAKE Nail Lacquer "Meet Us At the Bar" Collection swatches

Happy Monday!

Like I said in previous posts, recently I was given the opportunity to swatch for some awesome indie and mainstream brands and today I have another great indie brand for you! (probably the last of my swatches, at least for a bit)

This is another new brand to me, CAKE Nail Lacquer.
CAKE is pretty great in my opinion because they're cruelty free, 5-free and vegan friendly! 

This is their Fall 2015 collection. If you didn't catch it in the title of this post, this line is called the "Meet Us At the Bar" collection and CAKE describes it as a "night of drunken fun through color!"
Just wait until you see the names of these polishes! ;)

So first up is Caketini. 
CAKE describes this of course as a vibrant bubblegum pink inspired by the signature drink.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

LVX Fall 2015 Collection Swatches

Hello hello!
If you remember from my last post I said I was going to be doing some swatches of indie brands as well as mainstream brand polishes. 
Today's post features a mainstream brand, LVX
This is my first time ever trying LVX polishes and I'm excited to share my thoughts with you. 

So this is their Fall 2015 collection which features 6 beautiful polishes.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

I, A.M... Custom Color "The Switching Hour" Collection Swatches

Hello hello! If you follow me on Instagram (@celinedoesnails), you may know what today's post is about. If not, let me tell you! In the past few weeks I have been in contact with some awesome indie and mainstream polish brands. I don't really "swatch" often, but since I am back in school now, my time is limited and swatching is more feasible than spending hours on a single design. 

That said, today's post is swatches from an awesome indie brand called I, A.M... Custom Color.

This collection, named The Switching Hour is inspired by the ever-so-cool 90's show, AAAHH!!! Real Monsters. Although I will only be showing 6 polishes, the collection contains 7 halloween themed polishes total.

This collection is now available for purchase on her Storenvy site.

That said, let's just get into the swatches. This post will be pretty picture heavy!

The first polish is The Festival of the Festering Moon.

The owner of I, A.M... Custom Color, Ashlie, also provided links to the episode of the show each polish is named after so I'll share them with you guys as well, because why not? 
Here's the episode this polish is named after here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bonita Cosmetics "Gel-On!" Nail Polishes swatches/review

Hello! Happy Wednesday!
Today I swatched new polishes from Bonita Cosmetics
These polishes are a bit different from other polishes I've swatched from Bonita because these are their new gel polishes! I was excited to see these because I know wear time is a big issue with nail polish. 

Just a little more information about these polishes:
- They apply just like normal polish but "finish like gel"
- Supposed to last up to 7 days
- No UV light is needed

That said, there is 6 polishes in this introductory gel line and they're all super gorgeous. 
I'll start off the swatches with my favorite color, The Best Mint.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bonita Cosmetics "Turq It!" Collection

Hello hello! 
Bit of a time since I last posted. I decided I would really only use this blog for when I needed to make longer posts, share more pictures, etc. I will still be posting each design on my Tumblr {link} and Instagram {link}

That said, if you couldn't tell by the title of this post I have swatches of a new collection from Bonita Cosmetics. This collection is called "Turq It!" and it has very summer-y colors in it, I loved them!

As per usual, I'm not 100% sure if this collection is in stores currently since I don't go to Rite Aid all that often but Bonita polishes are sold at MOST Rite Aid stores. 

So let's get into the polishes. There's six total in the collection and they are all creme polishes.

First up is Pretty in Pink!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Pixar Series- Finally complete!

Hello! Happy Sunday.

So today I am posting my last Pixar design and so I thought I'd post a round up of every Pixar design I painted! 

*very picture heavy post!*

This was a really fun challenge for me. I wish I hadn't taken so long to complete it but, it is what it is! I guess in that sense, I really saw my skills progress throughout. 

So starting at the beginning with the very first Pixar movie, Toy Story!