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LVX Fall 2015 Collection Swatches

Hello hello!
If you remember from my last post I said I was going to be doing some swatches of indie brands as well as mainstream brand polishes. 
Today's post features a mainstream brand, LVX
This is my first time ever trying LVX polishes and I'm excited to share my thoughts with you. 

So this is their Fall 2015 collection which features 6 beautiful polishes.

I'll be honest, as much as I love the actual Fall and Winter season, these are probably my least favorite months for nail polish collections. I find them to be pretty boring with dark, almost black colors. 
That said, when I saw this collection I was very pleased! Actual color!

Usually I like to finish my post with my favorite color but I think I'll show my favorite first this time. Think you know which one it is?

My favorite polish of this collection actually ended up being this lovely burnt/brick orange polish named Sienna. There's something about this color that just makes it one of my favorites for Fall. 

The formula on this one was just great. As you can see in the photo above, this polish is very opaque. I probably could've gotten away with just one coat. For this swatch I did paint two thin coats plus top coat. Gorgeous!

Next up is probably my second favorite polish.

This light grey beauty is named Militaire. I think LVX did a great job with the color on this polish. This grey is just the perfect shade.

As you can see, this polish is also pretty opaque and pigmented. It was pretty opaque with one coat but I did paint two here to be sure.

Moving on, next is a pretty gold/ copper shimmer polish.

This is Monarch. Although I'm not a huge fan of shimmer polishes, I thought this one fit in nicely with the collection and it's a nice polish by itself as well.

 The formula was great. Super smooth and easy to work with. I applied two coats for this swatch and then sponged on an ever so thin third (more like 2.5) coat to reduce the streaks on the nail. 

(I really love this brush picture!)

Okay let's talk about the two pink/nude polishes in this collection. Traditionally I wouldn't think of pink as a very Fall color, but I really think LVX pulled this off. 

First is Nu. This is the more nude polish of the two in the collection.

This polish is really gorgeous. I think it's a flattering nude on many skin tones.

Unfortunately this polish was quite sheer. It wasn't really streaky at all, but I did end up having to paint 3 coats for this opacity. 

The other polish is named Rhone.
I truthfully thought these were the exact same polish at first but once I tried them I realized this one is a lot more pink than nude.

This is definitely more of a creme baby pink color. Very pretty!

Like the previous, this polish was unfortunately also pretty sheer. I did end up painting 3 coats of this one as well for opacity. 

and lastly we have Narcissist.

This is a teal/green/purple shimmer!

Since this is kind of a duo chrome polish, i.e. it shifts color in different lighting, it was a bit difficult to accurately photograph. But I think the brush picture below shows a bit of the teal to green shift. Isn't it pretty?

For this swatch I only needed two thin coats. Super pretty!

Overall, being that this was my first interaction with LVX polishes, I was pretty impressed. These polishes probably had some of the smoothest applications out of any polishes I've ever used. 

I have been trying to be more conscious of cruelty free makeup/polishes so I was happy to know that LVX is 5 free, cruelty free as well as vegan. 

These polishes are available on LVX's site for $16 per bottle.

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Usually I just wear summer nail polishes wear round so maybe this collection will convince me to start transitioning to more Fall appropriate colors! ;)

Until next time, 


*These polishes were provided to me by LVX. However, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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  1. I am glad to see you experimenting with the colours and am glad to know this was an Autumn collection you could actually enjoy! I like the looks of Sienna a lot as well. I definitely get the Autumnish feel from it too.