Monday, October 26, 2015

CAKE Nail Lacquer "Meet Us At the Bar" Collection swatches

Happy Monday!

Like I said in previous posts, recently I was given the opportunity to swatch for some awesome indie and mainstream brands and today I have another great indie brand for you! (probably the last of my swatches, at least for a bit)

This is another new brand to me, CAKE Nail Lacquer.
CAKE is pretty great in my opinion because they're cruelty free, 5-free and vegan friendly! 

This is their Fall 2015 collection. If you didn't catch it in the title of this post, this line is called the "Meet Us At the Bar" collection and CAKE describes it as a "night of drunken fun through color!"
Just wait until you see the names of these polishes! ;)

So first up is Caketini. 
CAKE describes this of course as a vibrant bubblegum pink inspired by the signature drink.

If you haven't noticed, I love love love creme polishes so this collection really won it for me.

Formula on this one was great. Super easy to apply. It was basically opaque in 2 coats but I painted 3 to be sure. For each of these swatches, I did top it off with a coat of their Stick a Fork in it top coat.

I'm generally pretty picky with my top coat but I actually really liked this one. I could barely tell the difference between this and my usual go-to top coat.

This top coat was a bit strong smelling. It wasn't too bad but I feel like I rarely experience that with polishes these days. Anyway it dried very quickly, probably about 5 minutes to dry fully. and then it didn't smudge once dry so that was good.

That said, the next swatch I have is this gorgeous purple polish named 1 Vodka, 2 Vodka, 3 Vodka, Floor!

Another gorgeous creme! In different lights this one kind of looks royal blueish but it's definitely purple. This polish was almost opaque in one coat but I applied two here + the Stick a Fork in it top coat.
  I really love this one! I don't have any rich purples like this.

Next up is a beautiful blue creme named Take My Number, Call Me.

Not too much to say about this one. Pretty and is just the slightest dusty blue color. I think a very nice blue for fall and winter.
Another basically almost one coater but again I painted two coats to be sure. I also topped this one off with the Stick a Fork in it top coat.

The next polish is a very nice taupe "that goes on just as smooth as Hennessy goes down."
haha love it!

Appropriately this polish is named Hennessy Loves Me. This polish definitely had the best formula of the collection. For this swatch I applied two thin coats + top coat. 

and lastly we have the only non-creme of the collection, All That Glitters Ain't Tequila.

Isn't this gold flakie just the prettiest? definitely my favorite of the collection.

For this swatch I just did an easy glitter/flakie gradient over a nude base. Since this polish truly is jam packed with these flakies, I only needed like 1.5 coats. Super easy and so cute!

Okay, I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I really loved this collection, I'm the kind of person who will wear any colors any season so these colors are great even for Fall.

 I also really like that these polishes are really affordable so be sure to check out the CAKE Nail Lacquer store.

Thanks for reading!


*These polishes were provided to me by CAKE. However, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.


  1. Truly beautiful polishes! Your swatches are so lovely! :-)

  2. These polishes all seem to have a bright pop in them that really makes them stand out! My favourite had to be the bubblegum pink in the beginning :)

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