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I, A.M... Custom Color "The Switching Hour" Collection Swatches

Hello hello! If you follow me on Instagram (@celinedoesnails), you may know what today's post is about. If not, let me tell you! In the past few weeks I have been in contact with some awesome indie and mainstream polish brands. I don't really "swatch" often, but since I am back in school now, my time is limited and swatching is more feasible than spending hours on a single design. 

That said, today's post is swatches from an awesome indie brand called I, A.M... Custom Color.

This collection, named The Switching Hour is inspired by the ever-so-cool 90's show, AAAHH!!! Real Monsters. Although I will only be showing 6 polishes, the collection contains 7 halloween themed polishes total.

This collection is now available for purchase on her Storenvy site.

That said, let's just get into the swatches. This post will be pretty picture heavy!

The first polish is The Festival of the Festering Moon.

The owner of I, A.M... Custom Color, Ashlie, also provided links to the episode of the show each polish is named after so I'll share them with you guys as well, because why not? 
Here's the episode this polish is named after here.

This is a beautiful royal blue grelly (jelly with glitter!).

There's a ton of different glitters in this polish, I hope these pictures can at least give you a taste of it. And as I hope you can tell, there are holo glitters spread throughout so this polish is just gorgeous. 

Even though this polish is a jelly, it wasn't too thin at all and I used just two coats for this swatch (+ top coat)

Next up is another glitter. This one is more of a topper.

This polish is named The Lips Have It and is appropriately inspired by Oblina from the show. Episode inspiration here.

I mean it when I say this is really a glitter bomb. It has a clear base with pink micro glitter and all shapes and sizes of red, black and white glitter. Not to mention there's scattered holo glitters too!

For this swatch I used two coats over a base of LVX Militaire
Super easy to apply and the glitters spread evenly to look great! 

The next polish is very unique.

This nude polish is not only holographic but it also has duo chrome pink to green flakies throughout. Gorgeous! I'm obsessed with the picture above.

Before I get too far I guess I should tell you the name of this polish. It's named Eau De Krumm, episode here.

This polish has a very delicate look on the nail. It's simply gorgeous. The formula was very nice to apply. It was thin but I only needed two coats.
The holo effect didn't come out too apparent on camera but I can assure you it's strong in person. You can tell in the bottle pictures.

Next up is another holo! This polish, named This is Your Brain on Ickis, is also a color shifting duochrome/multichrome (whichever the appropriate word is!)
and of course here's the corresponding episode.

Chromes like this are quite difficult but I tried my best to try to get all of the different forms of this polish. That said, I have a lot of pictures to show of this one.

Like I said, this polish is holographic as well and the effect is just beautiful.

Usually I take my photos with the flash of my camera but I really couldn't capture this polish with the flash at all, as you can see in the photo below.

Natural light proved to be a bit better to show off the color shifting of this polish.

It shifts from a deep violet to red to orange. Just gorgeous in person.

I generally try to stay away from taking pictures with my iPhone but I was able to capture a few quick shots that I thought were worth showing. (below)

You can really see the red shift in these pictures.

Phew, lots of pictures of that one. Okay next up is another holo, this one is a topper though!
Quest for the Holo Pail is an amazing holo top coat. Basically you can make any polish you want into a holo version with this topper.
(episode here)

And of course this topper is just gorgeous! It's thin enough where you really can apply it as a topper and it won't change or dull the color of the polish underneath.

For this swatch I applied two thin coats over a black polish. Seriously, this holo is so strong!

Wait. Have I actually made it to the last polish? I have! So I saved my favorite polish for the last because I think this one is super cool.

This polish is named Monsters Don't Dance and wait for it... it's a thermal grelly that glows in the dark. Can it get any cooler? (episode here!)

Okay let me define what this actually means about the polish. So grelly = jelly with glitter.
and thermal = changes color depending on the temperature (so cool!)
and of course glow in the dark means it glows.

So when it's cold, this polish is this dark forest color. Very pretty and very fall/Halloween.
(apologies for the label. I got too excited and ran this under water as soon as I received it to try out the color change)

 As it starts to warm up, this polish turns into a lighter, kind of grassy green. This is my first thermal polish ever and as you can tell, I think it's pretty cool. The photo above is like mid change.

and then here it is (almost) all lighter green! For this swatch I did use just two easy coats. (+ top coat). The first was thin but the second coat evened it out perfectly.

Oh wait, couldn't forget the glow in the dark!

It glows a nice blueish green color.

Lastly I did want to show that Ashlie actually sells more than polish over on her site. She sent me one of her Lips2Tips Lil' Lux Mani Fizzes and I was so excited because I've actually never tried a mani bomb!

In case you aren't familiar, mani bombs (or at least that's what I've been calling them) are basically like bath bombs but smaller and for your hands/cuticles/fingers.

If you have me as a friend on Snapchat (@celinedoesnails) you might have seen this mani bomb in action. I didn't take any actual pictures but I'm sure you guys can imagine what it looks like fizzing in the water. This scent- Nama is a mix of Green tea and mint and it smelled wonderful! Not to mention my cuticles did feel a lot nicer after!

Could it be possible that I finally finished this post? I have! I hope you guys really enjoyed these swatches. I worked really hard on these and I'm proud of how everything turned out.

Like I said before, The Switching Hour collection was released TODAY over at the I, A.M...Custom Color site.

Each polish ranges from $8- $13.50 and you can use my code CELINE20 for 20% off.

and of course I want to point out that I actually did enjoy these polishes. All of my opinions about these polishes were honest and I truly do think the formulas on each of these polishes was great.

Thanks again to Ashlie for allowing me to swatch her beauties!

Until next time,

*These polishes were provided to me for review. However, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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