Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bonita Cosmetics "Gel-On!" Nail Polishes swatches/review

Hello! Happy Wednesday!
Today I swatched new polishes from Bonita Cosmetics
These polishes are a bit different from other polishes I've swatched from Bonita because these are their new gel polishes! I was excited to see these because I know wear time is a big issue with nail polish. 

Just a little more information about these polishes:
- They apply just like normal polish but "finish like gel"
- Supposed to last up to 7 days
- No UV light is needed

That said, there is 6 polishes in this introductory gel line and they're all super gorgeous. 
I'll start off the swatches with my favorite color, The Best Mint.

As far as application goes, this polish wasn't the best but it was manageable. I do think these gel polishes are a bit thicker than normal polishes. That said, this polish was nicely opaque in one coat. For this swatch I did apply two coats plus a coat of the Bonita Gel Shine Top Coat
I'm not 100% sure if you are supposed to apply this top coat for best results but since it was in the box they sent, I used it anyway and it seemed to work nicely.

As per usual, here's a brush shot. I really love this bright mint color.

And lastly, of course I wanted to do a wear test for these polishes since they're supposed to be longer lasting. I wore this polish for a full 7 days.
 The first picture shows my nails three days after applying the polish:

To be quite honest, I was quite impressed that after three days I only had one small chip. I don't use gel nail polish at all since I repaint too often but this wear is probably comparable to other "no cure" gel polishes on the market.

The photo above shows the wear after 5 days of wearing the polish. I apologize for my nails being a bit yellow but they were stained by another polish. Anyway, as you can see that most of my nails are pretty chipped by day 5. Although, both my thumb and ring finger just had tip wear. 

and lastly here's a photo from day 7. My nails ended up pretty chipped, but mind that I did not in any way try to keep my nails nice. I wanted to put this to a real life test so I did quite a bit of cleaning and different projects, exercise and other daily activities. 

The next polish I have to show is Lovers & Friends.
This is a VERY neon coral/orange polish. It's so bright but of course I LOVE bright polishes (even if it is Fall soon!)

You can kind of tell in the brush picture below but this polish is more of a jelly. It wasn't too thin though since I only used two coats here (plus the gel shine top coat).

I wanted to test the durability of this polish as well so I wore this for four days and the picture above shows the result. I was impressed with just tip wear on 3/4 nails.

The other four polishes, I did not test for durability simply because as a blogger I just don't have the time to keep one design for too long. But I wanted to be sure to at least swatch them for you!

Next up is Sweet Berry Red.

This is a very basic, but essential red polish.

I loved that Bonita included a red into the gel line. I feel like it's a classic polish color and this one is a nice shade. Its a bit darker in person. 

For this swatch I used two coats, although it was opaque in one without top coat. This polish had a great formula, super easy to apply!

This next polish is called Brilliant Rose.

This is is a pretty basic pink. The formula was super easy to apply and I used two coats for this swatch.

Next is Blue Water Lily. 

This light blue polish was great to apply. I used two coats for this swatch.

and the sixth and final polish of this Gel-On! collection is a bright blue with a tiny hint of shimmer.

I would say the shimmer isn't too noticeable on the nail, although I hope you can see it in the photos.
This was also basically a one coater. But I applied two to be sure.

So, what's my overall impression of these? Well, I definitely think they last longer than normal polish. 3-4 days without chipping might not seem that good but I was impressed because usually my polish will never last that long. I don't think you'll be able to get a full 7 days without chipping but I think this polish will last longer than the usual polishes. and, my favorite part about these is that they're only $2.99. So I feel like for that price, they're worth a try. I really hope they come out with more colors!

In case you haven't seen any of my other Bonita swatches/reviews, I'll mention it again.
Bonita polishes are sold primarily at Rite Aid stores as well on their website (I've also seen them at Kmart). I'm not sure if this collection is necessarily in stores currently, but if not, then most likely soon!

I hope you enjoyed this post! This was basically my first experience with no cure gel polishes, so thanks for coming along with me!

Until next time,

*These polishes were provided to me by Bonita. However, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.


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