Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Pixar Series- Finally complete!

Hello! Happy Sunday.

So today I am posting my last Pixar design and so I thought I'd post a round up of every Pixar design I painted! 

*very picture heavy post!*

This was a really fun challenge for me. I wish I hadn't taken so long to complete it but, it is what it is! I guess in that sense, I really saw my skills progress throughout. 

So starting at the beginning with the very first Pixar movie, Toy Story!

According to Tumblr, this was 1 year ago, although it was probably a little over a year. I remember I was really proud of these when I did them. Although I definitely see some issues now, I still like them! I think you'll see my "lettering" has greatly improved.

I decided not to paint the sequels of Toy Story because I thought the designs would be pretty similar. 

That said, here's my second design, A Bug's Life!

I was SUPER proud of these when I did them. and I actually still am! Sometimes I have that moment of "darn I should have done this or that," but with this design I wouldn't really change anything. Not to mention, I watched this movie MANY MANY times when I was young. It was one of my favorites.

and some ever-so-great iPhone macros.

Okay the next movie is Monsters, Inc!

I was really happy with this design because I've always had difficulty painting realistic faces. But I think she turned out pretty well. I wish my pinky had turned out better though. It's supposed to be Boo's door. 

Those darn bubbles in the top coat! :(

Next up, one of my favorite Pixar movies, Finding Nemo!

I actually think this design might be my favorite out of all of them. I think the turtle nail just makes me really happy!

I really wish I had taken macro pics of this design!

Next is a movie I hadn't actually seen for the longest time, The Incredibles!

I'm not really sure why I hadn't seen this movie. My family doesn't really go watch movies so I guess this was just one of the ones I never ended up seeing on my own.

Unfortunately I have to admit this is my least favorite design. I think I did okay with their faces but the pictures turned out badly so I've always felt really negatively about the design. 
Oh well I guess!

Next is Cars!

This design came after taking a bit of a break from detailed designs. I had just moved into my dorm room and I was getting used to college so I didn't paint anything too detailed for about a months time. In that time I really realized what a difference practice makes! I had a hard time with these, even though they definitely weren't the most detailed paintings I had done. 

Well I guess they turned out decent at least!

Next movie is Ratatouille

This was actually my second attempt at this design. My first wasn't too bad but I scrapped it because I thought I could do better and the second version, the one you see here, definitely turned out much better. I really loved the thumb. Even though it's pretty simple.

The next design I did was Wall-E

I did a really bad job of keeping up with my Pixar series from December to May. I didn't paint any until I painted these in May. And this Wall-E design was the first Pixar design I took pictures of with my new camera (a Nikon D3300). Clearly, much of an improvement from my iPhone 5.

 Funny back story about this design (at least I thought it was kind of funny), halfway through this design the power went out all around my college campus. Technically we were warned out "blackouts" but usually it didn't really effect us so none of us were really prepared. Anyway exactly at 11:00 or something like that, everything went black and I had all of my nail stuff out. My entire floor just ended up playing board games pretty late into the night in the hallway since that was the only place we had light. Once it finally came back on, I went back to finish these nails. And I'm pretty sure it actually went out again before I even finished. haha! eventually I got them done though. 

I was so happy that I bought this polish, Zoya Storm because it was really the perfect background.

Next up is what I consider arguably my favorite Pixar movie, UP! If I remember correctly, until I saw Inside Out, this was the only Pixar movie I had ever seen in theaters. And I've loved it ever since I watched it in 2009. 

Come on, how can you not love every character in this movie? This was actually my third time painting Up nails, and definitely a far improvement from the other times. (see below)

My first attempt:  (oh gosh so embarassing!)

and my second: (not as embarrassing, but still not good!)

This second attempt was actually to match my halloween costume when I dressed up as Russell. (Obviously I love this movie!)

Thank goodness for improved painting skills and better pictures!

Too many pictures yet? Only three movies left!

Next is Brave.

Like I said, realistic faces have always been difficult for me to get right. Because of that, I wish I could have made Merida look more like Merida in this design, but this was actually my second attempt at painting her already (I scrapped the first) and I really didn't think I could have gotten closer. 

Nonetheless, I was still really happy with this design. I thought the King turned out really well. Also, this was my first Pixar design that I used a new background and edited with Photoshop!

Down to the second to last design, Monsters University!

I would definitely say this was my most detailed design. As you can see by all of these photos, I tend to just use plain backgrounds in my designs because I feel like you can see the details better. But with this design something made me want to paint a background and so that's what I did!

This was the only sequel Pixar design I did (technically prequel). I felt it was different enough to paint a whole new design for. 

I'm always really happy when my pictures of a design turn out well. 

Okay and down to the last design and latest Pixar movie, Inside Out!

If you added me on Snapchat ("celinedoesnails") you may have seen a sneak peak of this design but I'm finally posting it for all to see!

Like I said before, Inside Out was the only movie besides Up that I saw in theaters. I really loved this movie! A lot of the other Inside Out designs I saw just included the 5 emotions but I decided to include Riley as well because she was an important part of the movie!

Okay well that's it! I hope you enjoyed all of my Pixar designs. I'll probably paint future designs when new movies are released but for now, I've finally officially finished my Pixar series!

Let me know, what's your favorite movie? Your favorite design of mine? 

Always, Celine


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    1. Thank you so so much! That really means a lot! :)

  2. They are all so lovely! Really incredible what you`re able to paint on such tiny space! But I have to say, I liked you're squares muuuuch better than the ovals you wear now...personal preference ;)

    1. Thank you so much. I definitely like the squares better for detailed designs like this but when just wearing plain polish or other more simple things, I like the round nails best. They're much less likely to break as well. :)

  3. Love these! I'm new to nail art it's been a year and a half since I started and I'm new just starting acrylic paints! !! Love these! I'm debating starting a blog do u have any advice? I'm a stay at home mom to a six year old who asks me to do looks bad of her movies and stuffed animals but don't kno what I should do to start iut blogging especially not being to computer/internet savvy! Love ur work!


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