Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bob's Burgers nail art

Getting started with a few posts of recent work. Here is a design I painted back in April.

Obviously inspired by the great show, Bob's Burgers!

I though this would be a funny design to paint. I originally started because I have a sticker that has Tina and the word "butts" like on my nail.

I'm pretty proud of these, especially my pinky. 

Oh yeah, here's another picture with the base polish- Ciate Cookies and Cream (super duper love this polish!) 

Details were done in acrylic paint and the whole design was topped with NYC Matte Top Coat.

I hope you like these!


  1. Wooohhh!!! What a fantastic manicure. You are so talented. :-)

    1. Sorry, forgot to mention...I am highly impressed with an art on your pinky. That's amazing. <3

    2. thank you so so much! I appreciate it! :)