Friday, July 10, 2015

Bonita Cosmetics Summer 2015 "Wanna Get Away" Collection

Happy Friday!
Today's post is a post I've been meaning to make for a long while now but I never found the time to type up the full post. Well finally I have!

This is the Summer 2015 collection from Bonita Cosmetics named the Wanna Get Away collection.

I'm not 100% sure if these are currently in stores but if so, Bonita nail polishes are sold at MOST Rite Aid stores.

Okay first up is Kyoto's Cherry Blossoms. 

As you can see, this is a bubblegum pink polish. Not too special, but a nice polish nonetheless. This was almost a one coater but I did two here just to be sure.  

I hope you guys like the new "type" of pictures I've taken for the swatches. I really like the brush shots like the one above. 

Next up is Bora Bora Coast.

This is a kind of powder blue/periwinkle polish. I really liked this one. This, like the others, had a very good formula. This is two coats here.

Bonus: here's a design I did using Bora Bora Coast. I loved this gradient, done using just Bora Bora Coast and a white polish.

BONUS BONUS: here's another design I did with this polish. I thought this color base worked perfectly with this design. 

Next I have Santorini's Ocean.

This is a medium blue polish. Not too special, but a nice blue if you need one. It was a bit darker than it appears in these photos. The formula was a bit thicker but I was able to paint two coats for this swatch. If I remember correctly, this polish didn't stain! I only say this because typically blue polishes like this tend to stain the nails pretty badly.

Next is Cocktails in Aruba.

This is a gorgeous teal polish. I LOVE this one. I would definitely buy this if I saw it at the store. The formula was super easy and I used two coats for this swatch. I'd say the color is closer to the two pictures below rather than the bottle shot above. 

Bonus: Here's a design I did using Cocktails in Aruba.

I did also make a tutorial for this design, which you can see here.

Next is Ibiza Nightlife.

This is a bright, fuchsia polish. This polish is definitely a jelly polish (thinner and almost see through) but it actually wasn't too thin to work with. It appears more purple in real life, like the two bottle shots rather than the pink it appears on my nails. I think this is three thin coats. Oh and this one dries matte.

And lastly is Golden Florence.

This is a lovely gold glitter polish. I really like this one! As you can tell by my gold glitter background, I tend to be drawn to gold glitter and this polish is really nice.

The formula was a tad bit thick, but manageable. This polish dried a bit matte so shown here is two coats with top coat. It probably would've been fine with just one coat, but I just did two out of habit.

And here's just one last photo showing how these polishes look together. Gorgeous right? I really loved this collection. 

Like I said before, Bonita nail polishes are sold at most Rite Aid stores or online on their website.
These polishes are relatively cheap, only $2.99 each, which I think is a great price.
Let me know if you liked these as much as I did!


*These polishes were provided to me by Bonita. However, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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