Friday, June 26, 2015

Beach Inspired Nail Art + Tutorial

Hey everyone! I'm still sort of catching up on recent posts.
This is a beach inspired look that I did that's perfect for summer.

Originally when I painted these I couldn’t remember who I had seen use this technique before but I found out that Elleandish did a very similar design so I'm crediting her as my inspiration.

For this design I used a technique I call the hairspray method in which you spray hairspray over nail polish in a cup of water. Sort of hard to describe so I actually made a video tutorial (this was my first official tutorial on YouTube!)

or you can follow the link to YouTube here

For this design I used Bonita Cocktails in Aruba, Zoya Godiva and Wet N Wild French White Creme. The shells and pearls are from Born Pretty.

Anyway I thought this was a fun design for summer and it's actually pretty simple to do!

Until next time, 

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