Sunday, June 22, 2014

Swatch Comparison Sunday

Two posts in one day?! 

Yup you're not seeing things - this is the real deal.
Anyway, yes it's that time of the week again, Swatch Comparison Sunday!

I failed pretty badly last week but I'm trying my best y'all. 
Maybe I'll make it every other week so I can stay organized. 

So today I have 3 Minty type colors.

Here are these beautiful colors on my nails.

Let's start with Mojito Madness (on my index).
This is one of my all time favorite green polishes. Essie has such a nice selection of green and blue polishes. In the bottle, this polish looks much closer in color to the other two but on the nail, not so much. Definitely not mint at all and much darker. Beautiful color regardless- and just two coats used here.

Next is Mint Tropics (middle and pinky) which is from my favorite- Sinful Colors! I believe this is from their Summer line and Sinful Colors really nailed it with this polish. Such a beautiful green polish! I thought it would be closer to First Timer (ring) but it's more green and less... dusty? Shown is two coats but you might even need three. Good formula though.

And lastly is First Timer (ring) which is yes, another of my favorites. It's kind of a dusty green. I think it's still available for purchase but if not, Mint Tropics is a nice alternative (and much cheaper too!). Shown is two easy coats.

Overall, I love all three of these polishes. I actually bought two bottles of Mint Tropics. Great formulas on them all. If you're looking for price though, Mint Tropics definitely wins at $1.99 as opposed to the Essie polishes at around $8.
Hope this was helpful! 

Until next time,

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