Thursday, June 26, 2014

How To: The Perfect Watermarble Every Time

Hello and welcome to my tutorial on getting the perfect watermarble every time!
I know this is a tricky skill to master but hopefully this tutorial will be helpful in assisting you in the process.
 Shown in the photo above is everything you'll probably need in the process, well at least what I recommend.

Step One:
Paint a white base color. I can't say for sure, but I think a white base should be put under all watermarbles! It helps in bringing out the color of the polishes you use.

Step Two: 
Tape around your fingers. This is very important. I wouldn't recommend using any other tricks to prevent polish from getting on your fingers because tape is really the only way to go. I usually do one piece of tape to go around my nail and one more to go under my nail and around my finger.

Step Three:
This is where we start using our polishes. I use just regular sink water but I've head bottled water works too if you're having issues with it. Room temperature too!
 I would recommend trying each polish you use before starting just to make sure they spread properly. I used all Wet N Wild polishes for this design because they are honestly the best I've found for water marbling. They spread really well! I know the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes work really well too though.

I made a video showing the following steps because some things are easier to understand once you watch which you can view {here}

Step Four:
Start dragging your polishes in using your toothpick! VERY IMPORTANT: Do not go from the very outside ring. Start from a few rings in because it's very likely that the outside most will have dried by then and will drag your whole design and ruin it.
Again, watch the video {here} to see this in action.

Step Five:
Basically same thing as last step but drag in more polish. You want to make it look nice when it goes on your nails. Make sure to work quickly in this process though. Don't lollygag and let your polish dry.

Step Six:
This is where you stick your nail in. If you're a beginner, only do one nail at a time. I haven't actually tried to do more than one nail at a time, but I imagine it's difficult. Take your time in picking a spot to dunk your nail and go for it!
Again, watch the video (link in step three) to see this in action.

Step Seven:
After doing all of your nails, you'll end up with something similar to this. See where the tape comes in handy?

Step Eight:
Remove the tape (carefully!) and you're left with just a fraction of the mess.

Step Nine:
Use your acetone to clean around your cuticles. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Eva of Coewless Polish has a nice tutorial {here}

Alright so we aren't done yet. The trick to the perfect watermarble is tricking your audience into thinking you can watermarble perfectly! See how my pinky looks pretty weird and my middle finger has a huge knick in it? Well all you need to fix this is a thin paintbrush and the polishes you used in the watermarble.

Basically what I do is go over the messed parts and make them look how they "should." I fake it! If some of your lines are too thin/thick, fix them! Maybe even if your colors aren't quite as opaque as you'd like them to be (like I did with my middle finger)

Top coat these babies and you're ready to go!

Remember, you don't have to get an absolutely perfect watermarble in the first place every time. Be open to fixing your design with just a few simple steps and you're good to go.
I hope this was helpful!

Let me know if you use this tutorial! I'd love to see your designs.

Until next time,


  1. Hahaha... :D That's so great! Although it's just a simple thought, I never thought of just correcting it... :D Great tutorial!

  2. it looks so simple... ok, convinced, I will try it too :-D