Sunday, May 18, 2014

Swatch Comparison Sunday - More Greens

Hello hello lovely people!

It's Sunday! I apologize for skipping two weeks of swatch comparisons but I'm back!

Today I have two polishes, one which retails for $1.99 and one for about $9 (In the United States!)

That's right, it's a showdown between Sinful Colors Envy and OPI Jade is The New Black.
Could the cheaper polish possibly compare? Let's try them and see.

Well let's talk formulas first. Both polishes were on the thinner side. But each only took two coats to be opaque. (no top coat shown here)

Oh yeah, Jade is The New Black is on my index and ring finger and Envy is on my middle and pinky.
As you can see, these polishes are VERY close in color. 

JITNB is a tad bit darker and Envy a tad more yellow. But so close I'd say Envy is a winner!
Can't beat a great polish at a fraction of the price!

Hope this was helpful! I am such a huge fan of Sinful Colors. Their polishes are great dupes for most of the expensive polishes and at only $1.99 a bottle (sometimes $1!) I can't help but buy them all.

Until next time,


  1. I have Envy and love it, it has one of my favourite formulas of any polish I own, and I have around 250! It's just flawless!