Monday, May 12, 2014

Bonita Cosmetics Spring 2014 Swatches & Review

Hello all! 
Again, I apologize for missing another week of my Swatch Comparison Sunday posts but I've been SOO busy. I should have one up next week!

Today I have swatches of 8 beautiful polishes from Bonita Cosmetics.

I was super excited when they asked me to try some polishes from them and then I was even more excited when I received this package in the mail.

Crazy right?!
Anyway I wanted to get started on swatching the Spring collection right away so I could show you these beauties!

So this collection contains 8 polishes, all of which are shimmers. Every polish had a great formula, so no worries there!

I'll go in the same order as the photo above, so first up is Peonies Gone Wild. 

This is a beautiful dark pink shimmer polish. Shown above is just two coats plus top coat. The accent nail features Essie Allure with simple roses.

Next is Glitzy Heels.

This is like the perfect pink. It looks kind of bright in this photo but its not THAT bright in person. This was also a two-coater. My accent nail was inspired by the cute name of this polish. This photo was the real inspiration though. 

Next is Team Pink.

This is a beautiful Barbie pink shimmer polish. I'm not much of a pink fan but I loved this polish. A really flattering color! This was also two coats, plus top coat. I'm not even sure where the inspiration for the accent nail came from. But a cute mermaid is always welcome, right?

Next up is Orange You Happy

As you could probably guess from the name, this is an orange polish. As you can also tell, it's also a shimmer. Me and orange don't get along too well but I definitely like this polish. It's a nice shade. This was one of the two polishes that I used three coats for but you could probably get away with two.
My accent nail features Island Girl Surfer Babe as the base color and a hand painted monarch butterfly. I believe this was my first time actually painting a butterfly, so I'm very pleased by this!

Next up is Pear Me Up.

From the first glance, I knew this was going to be my favorite. I have a soft spot for greens and lime greens are hot right now! This polish is actually pretty similar to China Glaze's Grass is Lime Greener although Pear Me Up's formula was a lot better. This was actually the other polish that required three coats but that doesn't mean the formula was bad at all! This is a shimmer, but probably the least visible shimmer of them all. (Which is okay with me though, cause I love my cremes!)
Oh and yes, a cute pear accent nail! The name of this polish pretty much demanded it.

Next up is Blue Steel. 

This is a gorgeous turquoise shimmer polish. Shown is just two coats, plus top coat. Honestly, this polish is just beautiful in person. My accent nail features a kind of Ikat pattern. It was super quick but I actually love how it turned out. 
I actually wore this polish twice and the first time I wore it, it didn't stain, but the second time it did. I was using glue base coat the second time so that may have been the problem but just a heads up!

Next up is Ride The Waves.

This is a very nice blue shimmer polish. Just two coats shown here, plus top coat. My accent nail features some cute little bubbles made using acrylic paint mixed with water. Super easy and super cute!

Alright, this is it, last but not least is Royal Highness 

This is a stunning purple shimmer polish. Shown is just two coats, plus top coat. 
My accent nail features a simple Damask pattern done with acrylic paint. 

Well, that's it folks!
This was my first experience with with this brand and I was very pleased. Great formulas and beautiful colors! One more thing I love about this company is that these polishes won't break your bank. I can't remember 100% but I want to say these polishes are no more than $4. They are sold at MOST Rite Aid stores or online here. (The Spring collection isn't available online yet.)  

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did swatching these polishes!

Oh last thing! I wanted to let you know about a chance to win some polishes!
Bonita is holding an awesome two month giveaway on their Instagram page! 
All the details can be found in this post. Your chances of winning are pretty good, so definitely check it out!

Alright I'm out now, 

*This product was provided for review. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. I loved your swatch review and I really like your acccent nails! The butterfly is my favorite.

  2. Amazing review!!!! *_*....absolutely superb....Loved your accents nails da most.... <3