Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cult Cosmetics Spring Fling Blackbox Review

Hello everyone! 

I'm excited about today's post because I've seen Cult Cosmetics' Blackbox before, but never actually tried!
Here's how Cult describes the Blackbox program:
 Blackbox is monthly membership program that grants you access to exclusive styles available for a limited time. As a Club Member you will receive a new Nail Polish Kit delivered to you each month. These kits consist of 2 Cult colors, plus a full-sized beauty product. The contents will be a surprise, but our stylists pick them based on what's trending this month!

That said, let's get started.

This is what you get in the mail. Let's see what this cute black box contains. I was very impressed by the packaging because it was virtually impossible for the polishes to break. You can't quite see that here though because I took them out of the bubble wrap, but trust me!

So this was the April box, "Spring Fling" themed. As I understand, they had a bit of a conflict with one of the companies and this box was shipped a bit later than usual, so the nail striper (right most) was included to make up for that.

I was really excited when I saw this makeup brush set in the box because I honestly don't own anything like this. Makeup isn't really my thing but it's nice to have brushes to encourage me to actually do my makeup!

If you already own makeup brushes, this set would even be great as a travel kit!

This photo shows the nail striper included as well as the eye crayon. Stripers are great for the beginning nail artists. I can't tell you how many I've went through!

Here's another shot of the eye crayon:

Very pretty! Again, makeup isn't quite my thing but I'm excited about this. It's perfect for highlighting!

Alright, now onto my area of expertise: nail polish!

Cult Cosmetics included two of their polishes in this box.

The first is a lovely bubblegum pink called Belmont Shore

This polish had a nice formula. Maybe a bit thick for my liking but can't complain. Cult claims their polishes to only need one coat but it's hard for me to paint just one coat. I prefer two thin coats so that's what you see here.

Honestly, perfect for summer.

The other polish is called Hollywood Forever

This is a beautiful flakie polish! It's more blue than shown in this picture.

Here it is over Belmont Shore. Now, I really can't see only needing one coat with this polish so shown here is two thicker coats.

I kind of wanted to see how this polish would look over a different color so here's Hollywood Forever over NYC Prospect Park Bloom topped with NYC Matte Top Coat.

I'll be honest here, I was kind of disappointed by this polish. As much as I wanted to love this polish, it just didn't work well. You can barely see the "flakes" in this picture and that's how it was in real life as well.

Overall, I thought this box was pretty good. Besides Hollywood Forever, I loved everything.

Each monthly box costs $19.99 (plus shipping, around $5)
You can, however, receive your first box for just $9.99! I don't believe you need a code for that.

They also sell their polishes individually as well as past boxes if you'd like to purchase those.
The 'Spring Fling' box can be purchased here.

They always have different promotions going on so be sure to check out their website {here} as well as their facebook page {here}

Thanks again to Cult Cosmetics for allowing me to try this box.

Until next time,

*This product was provided for review. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by anyone.

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  1. Nice review! I was looking at Hollywood Forever too, so I guess I'll probably pass. Thanks!