Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bows Before Hose Bracelets & Nail Art

Happy Thursday everyone!
Today's post isn't so much of a review but rather showing off some bracelets sent to me from Bows Before Hose 
I was really excited when they emailed me about trying a couple of their bracelets because I loveeeee jewelry!

Here's the first bracelet:

This is their "Raspberry Bow Bracelet" which can be found here.
I paired it with OPI 25 Colorful Years. 

Here's the nail design I came up with to match.

I kept it simple with polka dots and gold glitter. The glitter polish is Ulta Golden State- super gorgeous! 

Super cute, right?!

If you're not quite so girly maybe you'll like the second bracelet better.

This is their "Anchor Bracelet" which can be found here.
It's actually more of a navy color. 
I paired this bracelet with Essie Bobbing for Baubles and OPI My Favorite Ornament.

This design might look familiar because it's actually a recreation of this design I did about a year ago. (I actually just noticed I switched the pinky and thumb designs. Oops) I really love how it looks in navy too though. 

I really liked this bracelet. Very modern and stylish. 

As much as I wanted to absolutely love these bracelets I have to admit there was one problem.
 To be quite honest, these bracelets didn't feel worth $19 and $21. I'll admit that the anchor one was better quality, but in my own opinion, not worth it.

It feels strange to have to criticize, but I'd rather let you all know rather than having disappointed followers. I promise to always be honest!

I'll leave you all with the links again just in case.

Hope you enjoyed these! I'll probably do a separate post with pictures of the anchor design soon.

Until next time,

*This product was provided free of charge. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. I'm glad that you mention that the bracelets aren't worth the price because I thought about buying the anchor bracelet (but I always hesitated because of the price ... ~15 Euro for a bracelet is quite a lot money in my opinion).

    Anyways I really like the designs! :) (Especially the maritime one.)

  2. The manis are quite gorgeous. Honestly, I love the anchor bracelet and the matching mani more. I also did an achir design today :)) Thanks for being truthful and honest about them :*