Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rose Tutorial

Hello Everyone! I have a tutorial on the rose nails I posted a few days ago.

Those. I wasn't planning on making a tutorial, for a few reasons. 
1) I feel like my roses aren't the best. I kind of just throw together some colors and hope it looks like a flower. Apparently it does. 
2) It's hard to show what exactly I've done because they're small and so detailed.

Despite that, I got quite a few requests for a tutorial, so I tried my best!

Few things before we start. 

The paintbrush I used for this design and most others is the pink one on the right in the picture below. 
I bought it from a beauty supply nearby. That brush, and the other three in the picture are cut down significantly from their original width. I used Robin Moses' video to cut them down.

Last thing, I used pink for the roses but this goes for any colors really. Just a chart to show you the colors I used. Basically you need to create 4 shades of the color you are using. 
 Hopefully this will make it less confusing.

Okay here we go.
I hope this is clear enough.

Step One: Paint the outline of the rose with the darkest shade. (I used pink #4 for this)
Step Two: Fill in the petals with the second lightest shade (pink #2)
Step Three: Use your second darkest shade and paint the outside of the petals (pink #3)
Step Four: Paint in the very inside of the petals with your lightest shade. (pink #1)
Step Five: (Slightly optional) Use white in very inside of petals as well. 
Step Six: Use the lighter green to paint the stem and leaves.
Step Seven: Use the darker green and paint over the lighter green.
Step Eight: Add other leaves and roses to your nails! Whatever you're comfortable with!

I hope this made sense! Let me know if you try this! 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great job with this tutorial! I have to try your roses soon!

  2. Stunning!!! I am inspired by your tutorial. I'm still a little confused on how you started the rose. Did you start it with a circle then just add "V" like shapes around it?

    I'm now a follower, your nails are beautiful!! :)

    1. Yes! I started in the center and worked my way out. Thank you so much! :)

  3. Lovely design. Thanks for the tutorial