Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dreamcatcher Tribal Nail Art

I've always wanted to do nails with dreamcatchers. I went to paint these and I had no clue what I actually wanted to do, so I kind of just went for it.

I think I like these nails, I just hate how the actual dreamcatcher turned out. In my mind it was to be detailed and what not but I can't actually execute something that detailed I suppose. 
If anything, the pictures I took of these nails turned out really good and usually that doesn't happen.

(fun fact: I took the above photo in In-n-out burger)

The thumb was kind of a miss. At first I wrote "Dream" on it but that looked awful so I did this ugly heart which I also dislike. Oh well.

P.S. the color is Zoya "Neely"- like all Zoyas, it has a great formula.
Thanks for reading! 

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