Monday, July 27, 2015

Ciaté South Beach Socialite Collection

Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

For today's post I wanted to show you a set sent to me by Ciaté.
This is one of the sets they released in May of 2015 and it's perfect for summer.

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, this is the South Beach Socialite Collection.

This is a four piece nail polish set.
It includes 3 mini polishes and one top coat (coconut scented!)

The copper/rose gold shimmer polish is named Deco Delight. The white polish is White Heat and the gold flakie polish is named Putting on the Ritz.

and then the top coat is just called Coconut Top Coat.

I really loved Putting on the Ritz. I mean look at that mix of copper and gold flakes!

Now onto the design I created with this set.

I was almost entirely inspired by the box for this design. I've never really done any art deco designs like this and I'm so glad I finally tried.

The middle finger was actually copied from AstroWifey (loved her design when I saw it!) and then the rest of the nails I sort of made up as I went.
I really loved how they turned out. As you can see I used all of the polishes in this design. These polishes all have nice one coat opacity.

Let me also mention what turned out to be my favorite part about the set, the coconut top coat.
Let me start by saying I'm pretty picky about top coat. I ONLY use NYC Grand Central Station so when I'll be honest when I went to try this top coat, I wasn't expecting much. Now, I was very mistaken! There's a few reasons I really ended up loving this top coat:

1. It's thin. This has come in handy for me, especially during the summer because I've been having a really bad time with my other top coat getting thick and bubbly because of the temperature in my house. This Coconut top coat is thin enough where I don't have that problem. 
2. It smells REALLY good. I'm not really sure why Ciaté decided to make a scented top coat, but it totally works and it's great! It still smells a bit nail-polishy when you're applying it but once it dries, you can smell the sweet coconut smell for a pretty decent amount of time after!
3. Besides all this, it didn't smear any of my work. It dries quickly, and effectively so you don't have to worry about your nails still being smudge-able even after they dry. 

I've been using this top coat for most of my manicures now. 

Overall, as you can tell, I really enjoyed this set. I think it is perfect for summer, especially with that perfect coconut scent top coat!

This set sells for $25 at Sephora. But in case you only want one or two of the polishes, they do actually sell the full size individual bottles on their website here.

Let me know what you think! 


*This set was provided to me by Ciate. However, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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  1. Awww....what an impressive mani. Surely would like to try it out.