Friday, September 5, 2014

The Little Lacquer Bean "Welcome To The Country Fair" Collection

Hello everyone! 

Today's post (in my opinion) is pretty exciting because I have swatches of seven beautiful swatches of an just-about-to-open Indie polish line!

Not too long ago, Kristine of Pink & Polished announced that she was launching her own line of indie polishes called The Little Lacquer Bean.
Super excited by her sneak peek shots, I told her I would swatch for her in a heartbeat!

That said, this is her first collection called Welcome To The Country Fair. Each polish is so uniquely beautiful and I can't wait to show you, so let's get started!

I always like to blog in rainbow order (haha!) so I'll start off with Candy Apple - an absolutely beautiful holographic red polish.

I really loved this polish from the second I saw it. I really like that this polish looks like a beautiful red shimmer polish inside but BAM! when you go outside, it shows the holographic glitter. I have to say, the holographic-ness is a bit muted, so it was a bit hard to capture it in a photo. 

The formula on this polish was awesome. It could have probably been a one-coater but I painted two just to be safe. (and no top coat on this one!)

The photo below sort of shows the gorgeousness of the polish. I took this using the flash on my phone. 

and a bottle shot. Now you can kind of see the holographic glitter!

and a macro, so pretty, right?

Next up is Sweeter Than Sugar- a nice light pink polish with gorgeous pink, white, blue and red glitter.

I thought this polish was quite lovely. It reminds me of Cotton Candy (which I love!) 
The formula was very nice as well! Shown here is just two easy coats (with top coat) 

Okay next up we have Falling In October Fest, which is a lovely, perfect-for-Fall glitter polish.

I really loved this polish as well. I don't think she could have made a better Fall inspired polish.
I actually did two manis with this polish because I felt there were so many ways to wear it. In the manicure above, I painted three coats of Falling In October Fest followed by one coat of a sheer white polish, Essie Allure. On my ring finger I just did a simple glitter gradient (which I love as well!)

and here's the other manicure. At first I wasn't sure if I liked this polish over the orange but the more I looked at it, I decided I actually do like it! This is 3 coats of Falling In October Fest over Sinful Colors Skylark. And another glitter gradient on my ring finger because I just love it!

Isn't this macro just amazing? love this mix of glitter!

Alrighty, next up we have Tractor Pulling- a very unique green shimmer polish with a mix of yellow and green glitter.

I thought this polish was also very unique. And appropriately named! Reminds me a lot of a tractor (haha!)
I think this is a simple polish, but also very nice. It has a subtlety to it that I really loved. I have to say, the green base is very pigmented and I think it covered up a lot of the glitter on the nail, which is why you don't see a whole lot. 
That said, this polish was almost a one-coater. But I painted two just to be safe. (plus top coat)

Alright, getting to the blue polishes!

Next up is Goldfish In A Bag- such a cute name! 
This is a very nice blue shimmer polish with red, orange and blue glitter.

This polish was a bit more thin than the others, so shown here is three coats. (plus top coat)
 It's kind of a jelly polish, so it layered very nicely.

Love the glitter in this one- the colors work nicely together.

Next up is Blue Ribbon Baby - an amazing dark blue holographic polish!

I loved this polish for a multitude of reasons. Look how gorgeous it is indoors! That alone is to die for. (maybe not literally, but almost!) 

I was very happy with the formula on this polish as well. Just two thin coats seen here (without top coat). This polish was very well pigmented.

I was able to capture the holographic glitter in this polish in an outside picture, which is what you see below. Beautiful, right?

I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.

and last but very not least, is Under The Ferris Wheel Lights.

This is an absolutely beautiful light gray shimmer polish with a lovely mix of glitter. But wait, there's more! This polish also has the slightest hint of holographic glitter that is just gorgeous. 
This polish was also very easy, just two coats (plus top coat) seen here.

I can't say this photo above accurately shows it because it really did show nicely in person. I'd call it a delicate holographic polish.

Now this bottle shot is a bit better. Isn't that just lovely?

If you couldn't already tell, I absolutely loved each one of these polishes. I am so impressed that this is just her first collection! I can't imagine what she will have for us in the future.  

In addition to polishes, Kristine has told me that she will also be selling Nail Vinyls in her shop as well. If you're unfamiliar with these, they're basically pre-cut stickers that allow you to get perfect lines. 
I was super excited to try these as well because prior, I never had!
Here is just a quick shot of the vinyls she sent me:

Sorry, kind of hard to see the black :(

These are awesome because they come in so many different varieties. Apart from the different chevron type patterns, there's also a basic (but very helpful!) straight line pattern as well as kind of a wave pattern. 

For the mani below, I used the small chevron print (right most gray sheet) along with other indie polishes- B Squared Lacquer's entire Franken Me Glow Crazy Collection.
How fun is this mani? It was actually inspired by this design/video by one of my favorite nail artists.

Since I had never used vinyls before, I was kind of worried the colors would bleed onto the white like which happens with regular tape, but the lines were so crisp it was unbelievable! I was truly impressed.

I'll definitely be using these in future manicures! 

Alright, a billion pictures later and I think I'm finally done!

 Kristine's official launch time for her website and these polishes is September 6th (Saturday) at 2 pm EST! I'm super excited for her, I'm sure they'll be a hit!

Again, you can find her shop here and blog here

Hope you enjoyed this post!

*These polishes were provided for review. Each opinion is my own and in no way influenced by anyone or anything.

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