Sunday, June 8, 2014

Swatch Comparison Sunday - Red

Happy Swatch Comparison Sunday! 
Not promising anything, but I should be on track now to have one of these posts every week. 

Today's color scheme is brought to you by an anonymous person on Tumblr who requested a RED comparison.
I have a strange relationship with red polishes. As classy and lovely I think they look, I'm one of those people who feels like once you own one red polish, you own them all. I just feel like they're all so close in color, nothing special. and you'll probably agree after you read the rest of this post.

So yes, as you can see today's showdown is between Pure Ice Siren and Sally Hansen Cherry Red.
Both are classic reds and here's how they look on my nails:

Siren is on my index and ring. Shown is two thin coats. Probably could have done just one coat but I always do two coats just for good measure. This is my absolute go-to red.

So that means Cherry Red is on my middle and pinky. This polish isn't quite so opaque so two coats was necessary. It's just a tad darker than Siren but honestly, in my eyes these polishes might as well be the same polish. 
Both of these polishes are under $3, but if you spot Siren, I'd definitely recommend it!

Hope this was helpful!


  1. Maybe just me personally, but, I think I'd rather see a comparison between and expensive polish vs. a drugstore polish. Just because, I don't mind spending under $3. to try a polish. I'd rather find a good dupe for something I can't normally afford.

    1. No, I understand. Originally, that's what I really wanted these posts to be but in particular with reds, I really don't own any "expensive" reds because I don't think it's necessary. I'm very content with my cheap red polishes. Thanks for your input :)