Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lakers Nail Art!

Sorry for posting twice in one day but I neeeeed to get caught up on this stuff. 

Last night I posted a picture on Instagram (the one below) 

Can you guess where I was? It's pretty obvious haha!

Any event I could possibly do nails for, I will! 

Wasn't too too sure what I wanted to paint but I decided on this across the nail logo design. 

The yellow polish is Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow 
The Gold is OPI My Favorite Ornament
and the purple is acrylic paint.

I thought I'd post some pictures from the game as well so here ya are,

Picture from Downtown Los Angeles. I had no clue it looked like this! 

Panorama from in front of Staples Center. So pretty!

Panorama before the game started. 

Last photo! Outside of the Staples Center after the game.

Hope you enjoyed these nails and a bit of my personal life! (Too bad the Lakers lost)


  1. I'm not a huge basketball fan, but I think this makes a great manicure <3

  2. I really enjoyed the pics. Thanks for sharing!