Saturday, January 18, 2014

Born Pretty 3D Crystal Nail Pieces Review

Hi everyone! Wow have I been on a roll with these reviews lately. 
It's about to get even crazier because this is the first of three this week. Phew!
Today I have another Born Pretty review.

This time I am reviewing these 3D Crystal nail pieces (they're kind of difficult to explain so just look!)

The set comes with 2 pieces. These are meant to be accent nails. They have over 20 designs so this is just one of them. 
Here's what they look like on my nails!

To keep these on my nails I used nail glue. They stayed on very well. You could probably just place on wet polish/topcoat but I'm not 100% on that. They'll definitely stay better with nail glue. 

Here's just to show how far they stick off the nail. I'd definitely say that this design sticks up kind of far so if you're worried about that they have plenty of other ones that are flatter. (BTW this is design #20)

(the polish is Wet N Wild Tropicalia, which is actually a gorgeous coral)

Overall I really liked these. Right now they're $1.99 which is a great deal. They're perfect for formal occasions too, I know I get questions asking what kind of nails for prom/formal/wedding and these are great. 

If you'd like to order, you can do so here
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*This product was provided for review. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by anyone.