Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Born Pretty - 3 mm Black Stud Review

Happy Hump Day! 

Today I have my last Born Pretty review (at least for a little while) 

I am reviewing these 3mm Black Square Nail Studs

One of the first reviews I ever did for Born Pretty was on gold studs so it's kind of cool to do a similar review again.
The studs might not look like much, but there's actually 150 pieces in the bag. (that's a lot of manicures!)
Here's what I did with them:

I wasn't really sure where exactly I was going with this manicure but I actually really love it. I love how the black studs look on the grey polish.

My favorite Grey polish - Sinful Colors Smokin

If you've never used studs before, they're super simple to use. Personally, I just place them with tweezers onto wet polish. Then I just cover with topcoat to ensure that they stay. Usually they stay pretty well too, so no worries there! 

One more picture because I really like this picture for some reason. 

Overall I loved these studs! You can't go wrong with something so simple but so classy. Not to mention how easy they are to use. 
A+ in my book. 
Right now these studs are $5.84 

You can order them here if you'd like, or check out their full selection of studs here!

Be sure to use my coupon code XKL91 for 10% off!

Oh and last but not least, I have chosen and emailed a winner for my giveaway! and she has responded, so congratulations to Sílvia! I want to thank everyone who entered! 

Until next time, 

*This product was provided for review. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by anyone.

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