Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Hello everyone! I am back with my second Halloween design. 
Like I said, I love Halloween movies and nothing beats Tim Burton.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorites.

There's about 50 things I need to say about this manicure so let's get started!
First, can you believe it! Nail art done by me that isn't topped with matte top coat!? Amazing!
In all seriousness I decided to change it up a bit with this design and go with traditional top coat. 

note: I don't use this Wet n Wild polish, it's for picture purposes.

This manicure is a recreation of a manicure I did last Halloween.  (seen below) 

It's honestly incredible how much I've improved in the past year. In many aspects- the art itself, but also the picture quality and lighting. I never would have thought that in just a year I would be where I'm at right now.

For this manicure, I used black and white polishes as the base colors. Everything else was done with acrylic paint. I believe this took about 3ish hours total.

I switched up the designs a bit. I really love my thumb though in the new design. It's kind of hard to see but it's Zero and his doghouse. I made him look transparent by mixing paint with water and painting it on. 

Ready for the final part of this manicure!?
Of course you are. 


I figured I better give my glow in the dark polish some use. It's Island Girl's Plain Glow In The Dark. I used three coats and painted it on after I finished the designs. 

Well that's about it for now.
Hope you enjoyed these!

(via Tim Burton Movie Gifs on Tumblr)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Nice improvement, Céline ^^ You did a great job last year but nailed it this one!

  2. Awesome manicure, and thanks for sharing last years again... that one was cool but you have improved so much!! :) Keep it up!