Saturday, October 12, 2013

Floral Nail Art & Tutorial

It's entirely possible that I do too much floral nail art; however, it's my life and blog so I'll do whatever I want. I'm kidding. Kind of. 
Anyway, here's more!

These aren't the most "Fall"-y nails, but I'm not the biggest fan of Fall nails. I used a dark base color so that counts right?
I was inspired by this Vampire Weekeend floral print:

I actually made a tutorial for these, in case you haven't read the title. The polish I'm holding is Sinful Colors Calypso. It looks kind of navy colored but it's actually a dark turquoise(y) color.

Unfortunately I didn't get a ton of pictures of these because my photography skills are lacking. Anyway onto the tutorial!

Step One: Paint a base color. Like I said, I used Sinful Colors Calypso, but you could clearly use any polish. 
Step Two: Use a pink polish/paint to paint the outline of your flowers. They can all be alike or different like I've shown. 

I used the right most pink brush for this design. I bought this at a local beauty supply. 

Step Three: Use a light green polish/paint to make the stems and leaves of the flowers.

Step Four: Use a darker green paint for the shading of the stems and leaves.

Step Five: Use a dark pink or red to shade in the flowers. Short, thin strokes are the best. 

Step Six: Use white paint to add highlight to the flowers. 

Step Seven: Paint white flowers in the open space. I painted yellow, and then green in the middle of the white flowers.

Step Eight: Optional, but use matte top coat on top of your design. I've found that doing a coat of regular top coat first and then doing matte top coat is the way to go. My designs often last pretty well. 

Hope you enjoyed this! Let me know if you try this design!


  1. Perfect as always !!

  2. Oh gosh I'm loving your flower design and thank you so much for the tutorial, I'm pinning it :)

  3. Gorgeous as always! And yeas, it's your nails and blog so go for whatever you want :) I am with you on this!

  4. These are Vampire Weekend inspired

  5. Hey there! I'm from Germany an just got onto your blog. I have to say it's fantastic to see those things you paint onto your nails! And to me, as I can't even hold a brush except for the nailpolish brush, it seems unbelieveable that you are able to paint your designs freehanded like this one above. That's stunning! I would never be able to do this, doesn't it take a lot of practising?
    I have but one question: Are you right-handed? So, are you also able to paint your right hand yourself with the left hand?

  6. You have a nice blog and your nails are so beautiful... you got a new follower <3

  7. Again, really amazing. Would it be possible to add your blog to Bloglovin'?

  8. This design is my favorite!! I have plans to try and recreate it and I hope I do it justice! :)

  9. wow these are awesome. Like mini posters. so perfect