Sunday, October 27, 2013

Corpse Bride Nail Art

In an effort to squeeze in as much Halloween nail art as I can, I have more for you today!

This is another exciting post (in my opinion)

Today I have another design inspired by Tim Burton but Corpse Bride this time.

Love this movie as well. Tim Burton is perfect, that's it.

Base is polish, rest was done with acrylic paint and topped with Seche Vite (not the bottle pictured) 
I believe in all this design took about 3ish hours.

Thumb shot. I'm still working on my lettering. I'm just glad to have fit it all on my nail. Success in that category! 

Okay here's where it gets exciting! This is another #BestieTwinNails design. I did these in collaboration with Beth of Beth's Nails. Here's her design below.

She's incredibly talented and has improved immensely since I've been following her. Not to mention that she's one of the nicest people I've met through nail art. She's always so supportive of me. 
She's actually recreated two of my designs in the past (and nailed them too!)

So great right?!

Here's the official Bestie Twin Nails picture. 
Again you can follow Beth on Tumblr or Instagram. or both. Thanks again Beth!

That's all folks! Happy Almost Halloween!

(via Tim Burton Movie Gifs on Tumblr)

Thanks for reading!

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