Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fickle Fairy Potions Swatches

Hello Everyone!
I have a super exciting post for you today. 

Tonya of Fickle Fairy Potions has sent me some of her polishes to try! 

Aren't they gorgeous!?

First I have Pixie Tears
a beautiful holo sprinkled with black, blue, green and white glitters. 

Here's a picture in my light box. The holo didn't show up inside but definitely did in the sunlight. Unfortunately my camera wasn't completely able to capture how holographic this polish actually is. 

The formula was great on this polish. Like all the polishes I tried, it dried very fast. In addition, it wasn't too thin, I only used two coats for this swatch (without topcoat)

Below is a close up shot so you can see the glitter within the polish even better. 

Next up I have Popped Tarts
an off white polish loaded with glitters in all different shapes, colors and sizes!

I'm not a huge glitter fan but I absolutely love this polish! The glitter just goes together perfectly.

I couldn't resist painting an accent nail with a Pop Tart on it for this swatch as well.

Here's a close up so you can see the glitters

So pretty! Likewise, this polish dried incredibly fast. I didn't have to "fish" for any of the glitters, there's a ton in the polish! I did use three thin coats of this polish (plus topcoat) but I definitely think you could get away with two.

Next up I have Kiss My Astroturf,
an Emerald green jelly with gold, teal and green glitter.

This polish was a bit on the sheer side but it's a jelly, so that's expected. I used three coats for this swatch with topcoat. If you wanted you could also layer this over a green polish for maximum opacity.

Look at that glitter! So beautiful!

Call Me Maybe is a hot pink jelly. 

In my opinion, this polish had the best formula. It went on very smoothly.

I used three very thin coats for this swatch plus topcoat.

Also couldn't resist painting a phone accent nail for this swatch.

Last but not least is

Foxy Lady

A purple jelly that was my favorite of the bunch.

This swatch was done using three thin coats with top coat.  The polish itself dried super quick and was very shiny on it's own.

My accent nail features the F from the Fickle Fairy Potions logo. So cute right?

Overall I was SOO impressed with these polishes. These are my first indies ever (believe it or not) and it's just incredible that a person, not a huge name brand company is making such amazing polishes. All the polishes dried very quickly and were easy to work with.

If you'd like to order any of these polishes, check out the site here. They're only $6 and right now you can use the coupon code "TRUELOVE" for 10% off! She has many other colors as well!
Thanks for reading!

*The products shown were provided for review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by anyone.

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  1. I love the three glitter, they're so beautiful especially the blue one !!