Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bow Tutorial

A week or so ago I posted these nails on my blog -

On Instagram I was asked to make a tutorial for the bow. It's honestly so easy to do but I did make a tutorial.

Without further ado,

Step One:

Very simple, paint a base color. I used Zoya "Gei Gei"

Step Two:

Use a dotting tool/anything else that can make a circle for the middle of the bow.

Step Three:

Paint two loopy shapes on either side of the middle circle.

Step Four:

Connect the bottom of the loops.

Step Five:

Fill in the bottom portion of the sides of the bow.

Step Six:

Paint the ends of the bow. Be sure the ends are pointed.

Here's a picture to sum it all up:

I definitely didn't invent this kind of bow so I don't take ownership of this design. 

Let me know if you try this design!
Thanks for reading! 

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