Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Born Pretty Review- Holographic Nail Polish #8

Hello! I have another Born Pretty review for you! 
This time I will be reviewing one of their new Holographic Nail Polishes.

The polish can be found here
It's color #8, kind of a light blue turquoise color.
I believe it is classified as a "linear" holo.
It is 6 ml in size.

S W A T C H E S :

 First I want to show you what it looked like layer by layer. Here's a picture of the first coat.
(My pointer and ring finger have a coat of Essie "Bobbing for Baubles" underneath"

As you can see, my nail line is visible, but I honestly wouldn't expect it to cover in one coat anyway.

Second coat: 

The second coat definitely made it more opaque. I ended up doing three coats on all the nails, two coats might have worked but I wanted the holo to be real strong.

Here's with three coats and a top coat. Adding top coat didn't really have any effect, the holo was just as strong. 

These pictures were taken in my lightbox, the holo is even better in sunlight. 
(Pictures further down)
The next few photos were taken in the dark with the flash on my phone.

Usually I don't use the flash but these pictures looked so cool and it really shows how sparkly they are.

Formula & Application:
The formula on this polish was very nice! I had zero problems applying it. The brush was a bit hard to use because of how small it was but definitely not a major problem. Again, it needed two to three coats. No issues with the smell. Drying time was also very fast, I was very surprised.

The last few pictures were taken in the sunlight.

It was so shiny and sparkly in the sun! So fun to look at!

If I haven't sold you yet, here's a quick video I uploaded on my Instagram showing the holographic-ness in action.

In all, I was very impressed by this polish. I would definitely say it is comparable to Color Club's Holographic Polishes. Born Pretty definitely has an advantage in the color selection with twelve awesome shades to choose from. I had no issues with the polish at all, everything went very smoothly. In the shade or inside, the holo isn't as strong but it's still visible. (Definitely not an issue because the other holos I have look very dull inside.) The only issue I have with this is the size. Being only 6 ml it's basically a mini polish. For me, this isn't much of an issue because I don't use any one polish too often. 

with free shipping!

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*This product was provided for review. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by anyone


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