Sunday, August 18, 2013

Anchor Tutorial

Some of you might recall the anchor nails I did a while back:

Evidently this picture turned out to be one of my most stolen pictures. I constantly find it on fashion Instagram pages and such. Anyway I was asked to make a tutorial for the anchor so that's what I have for you today.

Step One:

Paint your base color. For this tutorial I used China Glaze That's Shore Bright.
In my original design I used Essie First Timer.

Step Two:

Start your anchor by painting a small circle. This will the the top of your anchor.

Step Three:

Make a thin line straight down from the circle.

Step Four:

Paint the sides of the anchor, make sure the bottom is relatively pointy.

Step Five:

Paint points on the end of the sides of the anchor.

Step Six:

Paint a short line, crossing the anchor around the middle.

Step Seven (kind of):

To complete the look add nails with polka dots and stripes. Glitter too! I used Essie Beyond Cozy in the original design.

Hope you like this. Let me know if you try, I'd love to see!

Picture to sum it all up:

Thanks for reading!

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