Monday, July 8, 2013

Island Girl Polishes- Sugar Cane & Plain Glow in the Dark

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I recently went to Las Vegas. Being the nail addict I am, of course I bought polish. 

Island Girl is a brand that is only sold in Las Vegas and Hawaii ( I believe!)
For some reason they are sought after so I had to buy a few. Well I ended up buying eleven. 
I told myself I would swatch all of them before anything but plain nails make me sad. I'm slowly but surely working on that.

First up I have the color Sugar Cane.
It's a brighter than the sun neon yellow.

In these pictures I used one really thin coat of white polish and three thin coats of Sugar Cane. It was a bit streaky but that's expected with neon polishes. It dried fast and somewhat matte but not too bad.

Now onto the art.

I did kind of a henna inspired design. I really love designs like this. 

Another picture. This one was taken at the beach so that explains the background.

In addition to being brighter than the sun, these nails glow in the dark! Sugar Cane itself isn't actually glow in the dark but I also bought a glow in the dark polish from Island Girl. 
It's called Plain Glow in the Dark.

Here's a bottle shot so you can see what the polish actually looks like. It's kind of a milky off white color. From what I can tell, it won't give the polish underneath a yellow tint.

Here's a glowing shot. The bottle glows so intensely it's amazing! I believe I painted 3 very thin coats of the polish.

Here's another shot of just my nails.  This polish has a greenish yellow tint in the dark.

Here's the final picture with my design on top. I wasn't sure if the glow would show too well underneath the design but it actually came out very well! 

Overall, so far I am very impressed with Island Girl polishes. I didn't have any problems with either of them. I highly recommend these!
Look out for my other swatches coming soon! 


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  1. That looks amazing with the final design glowing in the dark!!

    - Toria