Sunday, May 12, 2013


               Let me start this off by saying that I usually don't like to post personal stuff on my nail accounts but I think this is slightly relevant so here we go. On Friday night, (May 10th), I went to the Marina & The Diamonds concert. 

               I don't wanna tell a big long story so I'll just tell you the key ideas:

  • There were more "hipsters" there than I've ever seen in my life. Please for the love of humanity stop that trend. (especially creepers)
  • Also, I just want to point out the fact that a lot of people were wearing hearts on their cheeks, but it was definitely the wrong side. 
  • Overall, the concert was amazing. Marina is so talented and fun. She puts on a great show.  
    Here's a picture of my mother and I before the show. (She would probably be really mad if she knew I put this up here, so don't tell her...) 
    So here's the exciting part. I actually met Marina. A lot of people asked me how so I'll just explain. After the concert ended, my mom and I waited outside the venue for about an hour. Marina came out and signed autographs. So without further ado, here is the picture. 

    She's so sweet and adorable. And look at that nail color! Love it! 
    Finally, here's where it gets relevant to my blog. I did my nails for the concert. 

    I got to show her my nails and she said she loved them. I'm about 105% my life is now complete.  So yes, that was my weekend. Easily the best weekend of my life.
    If you read through all of this, I applaud you.


  1. I loveeee this girls music i am obsessed with her albums lol. I saw her live back in May 2010. So lucky you met her, jealous :D. Very nice photos.

    I adore you nails, very talented.

    1. same! I got my mom obsessed too. & thank you so much! I really do appreciate sweet comments like this :)